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Clean Screen is the commercial sister organisation of Dirt Stories focused on the sustainable finance and distribution of projects. We are strongly committed to ecologically grounded approaches to filmmaking in pursuit of a broader circular economy. Films are one of most transformative forces in society: acting as a vehicle for the posing of important questions to society at large; and taking audiences to places they have never seen. Yet so often the making of films is one of the most resource intensive and wasteful processes imaginable. We believe that the process of filmmaking is not distinct from the product: the way a film is made becomes entwined with the story being told; and remains embodied in the final product.


To avoid hypocrisy, our projects are guided by the principal that our work must have a positive effect on ecosystems and communities into the future. Our production mandate provides that: projects must be carbon neutral and disposable plastic free; materials used for creating costumes and props and sets must be drawn from repurposed sources as much as possible; and when we are required to make custom items for a production, we do so with a life beyond the film in mind—facilitated by our redistribution fund. Our filmmaking philosophy is shaped by the Oulipian notion that creativity is born from constraint—the less we have, the more room there is for ingenuity...

Please direct any enquiries to our email: or follow us on LinkedIn.

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