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Dirt Stories is an independent screen production company operating out of Narrm (Melbourne). We have produced a number of different short films, from Drama to Documentary, which have been shown throughout Australia. Notable screenings include the Sydney Opera House and Australian Center for the Moving Image (ACMI), as part of official selections for a variety of film festivals including Noosa International Film Festival and LBS International Film Festival—at which The Last River was awarded the ‘Best Emerging Artist Film’ Award in 2018. We have a number of exciting new projects we are working on, so check out our development slate.

Bob Dylan described folk songs as the stories that rise up out of the dirt—howls of people and place. The stories we tell come from the same vein. Our filmmaking philosophy revolves around the belief that Country is a character, not a backdrop. We begin development from the ground up. Storytellers are at the center of production from conception to completion. The company covers the creative side of producing, acting as a platform for storytelling. We co-produce with business and logistics oriented production houses, along with our sister organisation Clean Screen, to bring projects to fruition. We are committed to dissolving traditional filmmaking hierarchies, elevating a range of creatives in the filmmaking process, reflected in our innovative 'creative board' governance model.


We are run by a rotating board of creatives from throughout the screen-arts industry. This dynamic model supercharges collaboration; facilitating meaningful dialogues between oft-siloed departments; ensuring that input from a diverse rage of fields is considered when producing projects; as well as in the strategic direction of the company. Current membership includes individuals from cinematography, sound, production and graphic design, along with the visual arts.

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